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Garage Door Springs

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Garage door springs are very important in the smooth opening and closing of the doors in your garage. They are mounted under a high amount of tension, mostly situated above the unit to facilitate easy operation.


Garage Door SpringsThere are two types of springs and they function distinctly from one another. Torsion springs are round and are mounted on the upper portion. Extension springs are long and are placed neatly above the tracks. Both are under high tension, making it dangerous to tamper without the right tools and the proper training.

Seek expert assistance in spring repair


The high tension that garage door springs are subjected to is the reason homeowners are advised against touching anything related to it. If you only have the basic knowledge on repair and some basic tools, you risk a severed arm or even worse if you attempt repairs yourself.


Our renowned technicians at “Garage Door Repair Rowlett” specialize in dealing with springs and other parts to ensure efficiency and convenience at all times. They are well trained, diligent, and knowledgeable. We handle all kinds of tasks – from broken spring repair to replacement.


The safer route, therefore, is to entrust all your worries to our elite experts at “Garage Door Repair Rowlett”. You can sit back and relax while our technicians perform the required repair in order to restore the functionality of your unit. We only use the best oil tempered garage door springs to replace old and broken ones. What’s more, reasonable and competitive prices that will not hurt your budget are offered.


To ensure optimum functionality, it is a must that your springs are in perfect working condition. Let our experts perform visual inspections at least every three months to oversee a minor malfunction before it gets the better of your unit.


Although dealing with broken or damaged springs is our specialty, depend on Garage Door Repair Rowlett for any other repair trouble. Our company performs essential services for Chamberlain, overhead doors, and other brands alongside quality garage door parts, high performance openers, as well as Intellicode remotes for a high level of functionality. Call us now!

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