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Here you will find the shortest answers to the most important questions about garage doors. You’ll be enlightened!

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Will I need a lock for my garage door?

If your garage door has an electric opener installed, a lock may not be necessary. If they are properly installed, electric openers function the same way as any other lock, so you won’t have to worry about intruders attempting to open the door from the outside. If your garage door does not use an electric opener, however, our experts stationed in Rowlett recommend that you install a lock as soon as you can.

Is it possible for me to install my old garage door opener on a newer door?

You can install any kind of opener on your new garage door, but garage door repair technicians consider it important for you to first check if your old unit meets the proper safety standards as required by the law in the city. Once your opener is cleared for use, you can install it right away. Just make sure not to forget to reinforce your door before you begin installing your opener.

What garage door opener should I get?

The choice of the right garage door opener would depend first of all on the size and weight of the panel. Average residential doors usually require ½ horsepower and the biggest and heavier ones would want ¾ hp garage door motors. You must make sure the opener is manufactured after 1993 and contains safety sensors, timers and you might want to add a backup battery system.

What r-value is recommended?

First of all, you must consider your needs and local temperatures. Average homes need an r-value ranging from r-8 to r-12. You can get even higher r-value garage doors but you must remember that r18 doors do not offer double energy efficiency than r-9. The percentage of thermal resistance and energy efficiency will be higher by a bit.

How do you secure garage door opener’s safety?

There are tools that could help you strengthen your family’s safety with use of automatic garage door openers. One of them is a photoelectric eye, which will sense if anything is underway of a closing door and automatically sends the signal for the safety reverse feature to work.

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